And Then It Begins…l

My name is Miriam Rhymes. I’m thirty years old, but I feel like I’ve already lived a lifetime. A bit cliche, right?

I’ve been dealing with serious health problems my entire life, and now I’m waiting for a double lung transplant due to a disease called Obliterative Bronchiolitis.

Why write a blog? Honestly, I wasn’t really into it at first. Who wants to read another sad story about another ill person? Doesn’t everyone get enough of that already?  This was my thinking.

It was my amazing support system of friends and family that made me realize that my trials and my humor about my trials could help me help others.

And helping others is the most important thing a human being can do in this world.

Plus, I can make all the inappropriate cracks about myself and my disease that I want, and no one can say anything about it!


So, if you want, follow my story. And maybe we can learn something from each other in the process.


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