The Tried-and-True Do’s and Don’ts of Joy and Happiness (From an Experienced Struggler to You)

The following is a dramatization. *** The alarm goes off. Great, another day. I wake up in pain and slowly stumble into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. It’s literally the only thing that will get me out of bed. But then again, will I even be able to drink it? More […]

Musings in the Night / Decisions for the Day

Boom-boom! What…? Boom-boom! I hear it! A knocking, suddenly. Loudly. Waking me in the dark. I open my eyes, struggling to see against the thick, black air of night around me. The bleak abruptness of it all is confusing and startling all at once. I have to strain my mind to remember where I am. […]

Feelin’ Like The Hulk – a Raw Post

A raw and barely edited post about how I feel about being angry.