The Girl Who Suffers

“I have discovered that in reality, the only person who can give you life tips on how to react when life gives you losing experiences over and over again is yourself. You show yourself your own true nature with how you react to hardship and adversity. For some, this can be very revealing. It was for me.”

6 Steps to Post-Hospital Recovery – My “Happy to be Home” Routine

Getting back to normal after being in the hospital can be difficult and stressful. Follow my experienced advice, and get back to your normal self in no time!

“Am I A Useful Thing?”

So, having been in hospital now for almost three weeks waiting for my sparkly new lungs, I’ve made a few observations. Natural sunlight is in fact necessary to human function and sanity. Loss of it results in loss of time awareness, such as: “What time is it?” “10 AM” “Oh, I thought it was 6 […]