The Tried-and-True Do’s and Don’ts of Joy and Happiness (From an Experienced Struggler to You)

The following is a dramatization. *** The alarm goes off. Great, another day. I wake up in pain and slowly stumble into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. It’s literally the only thing that will get me out of bed. But then again, will I even be able to drink it? More […]

Musings in the Night / Decisions for the Day

Boom-boom! What…? Boom-boom! I hear it! A knocking, suddenly. Loudly. Waking me in the dark. I open my eyes, struggling to see against the thick, black air of night around me. The bleak abruptness of it all is confusing and startling all at once. I have to strain my mind to remember where I am. […]

Waiting For Spring – Turning a Setback into a Comeback

After the cold and dead and brown of winter, it’s so relieving to see the earliest green of springtime.  That first time you feel the warmth of the spring sun, and experience the temperatures rise above fifty degrees, your heart somehow begins to warm, too. You know the icy days are over! You’ve been looking […]

“Nunchuck Skills” – 5 Master Skills of the Chronically Ill

We all develop certain skills as we move through life. Discover the five Master Skills the Chronically Ill not only develop but master due to their unique life experiences!