Chick-Fil-A and Vanilla Coke.

There is a famous saying, “You are what you eat.”

If that’s true, then my first semester of college, I was a Chick-Fil-a sandwich, large Waffle Fries (don’t forget the honey mustard), and about four bottles of Vanilla Coca-Cola a day. They had a vending machine on every single corner.  Looking back, I really have no idea how I survived.
Between then and now, I had many major slow, and not-so-slow life changes that caused my delve into “health nut-ism,” as some may call it. I try not to get on my soap box about it because I recognize that everyone has to make their own choices in life, and that includes diet. But, I have to say, that for me, eating a healthy diet has made a humongous change in my life, and I would love to share that with my readers from time to time if that’s all right with you. So, fair warning, sometimes I will include little bits of interesting food or diet tips, or things I’ve learned along the way about vitamins or nutrition.
For example, did you know that quinoa is a complete protein? That’s right! Quinoa contains all of the essential amino acids needed in the body. Quite a powerful punch for this tiny little grain, isn’t it! It’s one of my favorite foods! When you combine some cooked quinoa, corn, black beans, roasted tomatoes, bell pepper, lime juice, and your favorite Latin spices – it makes a quick and easy salad that can’t be beat!
For those of you wondering, I hold to a vegetarian diet. I was vegan, or plant-based, for three years in the past as well. This diet works best for me and my husband. I find that it is the best for our digestive system, and helps keep weight down while on certain yucky medications like prednisone. I know these diets get a bad rap for not having enough calories or protein, but I believe this is when people do not do their research properly before starting these diets, and do them the wrong way. Personally, my transplant clinic encourages me to continue with my current diet.
Obviously, it is always important to speak with your doctor and nutritionist before starting any new diet regiment, and always, ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH before jumping headlong into something new. This will ensure that everything is being done properly and healthfully.
“You are what you eat.” I am now purple cauliflower and asparagus and quinoa and sweet potatoes and tofu. What are YOU?

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