Why I Fight

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I keep fighting, why I keep fighting.
Some people have even said that it’s inspirational (as embarrassing as that is) to see me continue to fight for my life despite all the things that have happened to me.
Why do I keep fighting?  That’s a very good question.
In rare cases, when I’m in a particularly difficult place in my life, I’ve even asked myself that. But, typically the answers come easily and quickly to me when I’m thinking and meditating on my own.
So how do I respond to others? When asked why do I keep fighting, I find myself looking deep into the person asking, trying to determine how to best answer. I discovered that I’m answering in a different way every time I open my mouth to speak. Occasionally, I say my God, Jehovah. Other times I say my family, my friends, or sometimes my donor famil and my donor – wanting to live well for them.  Or then there’s my message, my work as a volunteer to spread a message of Hope. And a time or two I even caught myself smiling and saying it was just to be stubborn – it’s always different.
Have I ever been caught in my cunning variance of replies? Yes. Why do I often give such different answers to this question? It’s not for the purpose of deception or avoidance.
Just because I have a different answer to every different person doesn’t mean that they’re wrong or that I’m lying. They’re all truthful and they’re all correct. Because the answer to the question why do I fight is this:
One more moment.
If I fight, I get another moment. Another moment on this planet with the people that I love to get to do what I’m purposed to do.
Isn’t that worth it?
So when a person asks me that all too familiar question I try to see and determine what they need to hear – basically what THEY need to fight for. And that’s the answer that I give them. Because I am fighting for ALL of it. And if they hear it from me, maybe they’ll realize a little bit more intensely what they could be missing and they’ll fight for it too – their family, their friends, their purpose, their hope… maybe they’ll even find the Hope for the future that I have found.
So, if you see me (or someone like me), ask yourself, what should you be fighting for? And really ask it. Look down, really deep down into your guts and find it. Then do something about it! Don’t put it into the back of your memory, on a dusty shelf.
Fight for it.
Fight for it every single day.
Fight for it like it if you let it go for one second you’ll lose it.
Because maybe one day you’ll be facing the prospect of it being gone and it’ll be too late.

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